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SWISSFUND......the fund raising experts.

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History of the SWISSFUND

    SWISSFUND is under the management and direction of professional fund raising advisor BEN CAMPBELL, who studied fund raising at the NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH ( NEW SCHOOL UNIVERSITY  - in New York City ) under the instructorship of world reknown fund raising expert Stephen DeBeers, studied fund raising at New York University, and studied fund raising at the Fund Raising Institue at Indiana University. Ben has attended numberous seminars, conferences, and workshops produced by fund raising organizations, trade groups, and trade associations.

    Ben is knowledgeable of most aspects of fund raising and can advise you about Direct Mail Fund Raising, planning and producing fund raising dinners, banquets, luncheons, & fund raising special events, etc. Ben can arrange for celebrity endorsements and/or celebrity performances at fund raising events.

Ben is currently active in fund raising for SVP, PRD, FDP, SP, CVP,  & LPS political parties.

Our Executive Team

Ben CampbellCEO & Chief Fund Raising Officer

Some fund raising experts (who speak swiss) are available in Zurich, Switzerland.

Mission Statement

    SWISSFUND is committed to providing honest, quality, resultful,  and innovative fund raising services.

    SWISSFUND, only practices in the utmost ethical manner, in compliance with all laws and rules of the government where ever we practice. We examine the laws, very closely, before we commence practice, so we understand the rules by which we must comply. We practice in a most honored and moral  manner. We tell our clients the truth, even if the truth is unfavorable to us. We have a respected public image and a responsible reputation to uphold. 

    Whether you need fund raising advise, need fund raising problems solved, need to know some super-secret fund raising techniques, or want us to do fund raising for you, we are available and we provide only professional work.

    We have a no cost "trial service program". For information about this program, please, send an e-mail to:     http://spindoctors@inbox.com

E-mail Us at: http://postmaster@swissfund.4t.com

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