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  Below is a list of U.S. Billionaires who make political donations. These persons are among the "largest donors" in their respectivie political party. Everyone of these persons who made donations totalling over $200,000 during the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. Many of these persons made donations to a number of Congressional Candidates and Senatorial Candidates, as well as make numerous donations to partiy election committees. Many of these persons will make political donations totalling $300,000...$400,000....and some will even make more than $500,000 in political donations during the U.S. Presidential Election. (For Democrat Billionaire Donors see below).

         Some political Opinion Leaders claim that this is the election that Swiss Political Parties will participate in the U.S. political arena. Several Swiss political parties have affiliate offices in the United States. The days of Global Political Parties is upon us.




 Carl H. Lindner

Hans Adam

John T. Chambers

Dennis Washington

Robert C. McNair

 Stephen  A. Schwarzmann

Sheldon Adelson $1,403,032

Charles W. Ergen $952,150

Max  M. Fisher

Donald Bren $514,600

Henry Kravis $1,296,266

Ray Lee Hunt

Charles F. Dolan

Bernard Marcus

Carl H. Lindner

Charles R. Schwab $1,844,112

David Koch $2,205, 900

Boone Pickens $5,487,961

Alfred Lerner

Dennis Washington

E. Stanley Kroenke

 Henry Kravis $1,296, 266

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Alex G. Spanos                                                         

Richard M. DeVos     $4,071,384

Christy Walton

Richard T. Farmer

A. Jerrold Perenchio

Thomas M. Siebel

Tom L. Ward

James Leprino

Richard DeVos   $2,925,487

Charles R. Schwab  $1,844,112

Gary Winnick

Loderick Cook

Bruce Kovner

John Galbraith

Richard J. Egan

Michael S. Dell  $879,900

Sam Wyly

Charles Wyly jr.

Richard Kinder

Craig Duchossois

Donald G. Fisher

Theodore J. Forstmann   $1,100,557

Thomas F. Marsico

Stanley S. Hubbard

Jim C. Walton

Christy Walton

Leslie Wexner

Ted Waitt

Glen A. Taylor

Otis Booth Jr.

Lionel I. Pincus

Lawrence Kadish

John T. Chambers  $1,374,991

John M. Hennessy

Louis Perlmutter

David C. Mulfard


        For mailing addresses and telephone numbers of anyone identified above go to website at URL:

     [Swiss political donors information available upon request].




 George Soros

Charles W. Ergen

Warren Buffett $112,800

John Doerr

Ted Turner $378,725

Robert FX Sillerman

Neil G. Bluhm

Roland E. Arnall

Robert R. Dyson 

Steven Spielberg $976,423

George Soros   $3,524,437

Stephen L. Bing

David Koch  $2,205,927

Carl H. Lindner

S. Daniel Abraham

Bernard L. Schwartz

Haim Saban

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Vance K. Opperman

Dwight Opperman

David E. Shaw

Charles W. Ergen  $952,150

Marc B. Nathanson

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Jonathan M. Tisch

John Davis

Leonard A. Lauder  $777,284

Gary Winnick

Irwin M. Jacobs

Ron Burkle   $1,656,700

John P. Manning

David Geffen  $1,288,773

William I. Koch

B. Wayne Hughes Sr.

Thomas H. Lee

William Hambrecht

A. Jerrold Perenchio

Edgar M. Bronfman

Ted Waitt

John L. Tishman

Vinod Gupta

John A. Moran

Charles Kushner  $1,445,700

Robert L. Johnson $825,208


         For mailing addresses and telephone numbers of anyone  identified above go to website at URL:

       [Swiss political donors information available upon request].





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