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    HANS FEHR MAY WELL LEAD THE SVP TO A MAJOR VICTORY IN THE 2011 SWISS ELECTION                                            ****************


       Johann Spani (PRD), Hanspeter Uster (GRU), Hans Hofman (SVP), Hans Durrer (SVP), Hans Lauri (SVP), Hans Studer (SVP), Hannes German (SVP) Hansheiri Stadler (CVP), Hansruedi Inderkum (CVP), Hans Altherr (FDP), (FDP), Hans Fun Fschilling (PRD),  and Hans Hess (PRD) all members of the "Council of States" and all up for re-election are blazing a fund raising trail across Switzerland as the 2011 Swiss National Election Heats-up.

         This election is somewhat different than previous elections. The use of television public relations (political propaganda) and fund raising has increased dramatically. With aggressive  direct mail campaigns swiss political candidates have filled their "political war-chests" with millions of dollars in donations. The use of celebrity endorsements has made celebrities of public office seekers themselves.

       Fund raising one of the most important aspects of winning any election has become strategically vital to the success of swiss political candidates "up for re-election"  in the 2011 Swiss National Election.

     Yet, even the most knowledgeable political experts can not predict who will win the 2011 Swiss National Election.

      For a list of "Swiss Billionaire Political Donors" visit our website at URL:




                   IN 2012 U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!

      Swiss political parties have secretively become involved in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election? Some political opinion leaders claim that  hundreds of millionaires of dollars will be donated to U. S. political candidates in the election and may well become a key factors in the final outcome of the election. Special report to follow. Are these "secret allies"  a Presidential candidate can count on?

       Swiss political powerbroker Christoph Blocher (SVP) won major victories in the October Swiss Election and his party SVP will claim seats in the Swiss FEDERAL COUNCIL, in the Council of States, and in the National Council

    If, the results of the 2010 election in the United States is any indicator of what to expect in the Swiss Election of 2011, then, Christoph Blocher may well be claiming a major victory in the 2011 Swiss Election.

    Now more than 4 Swiss political parties are secretively involved in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Parties. Politics is now global.



     Before we know it, the 2012 Presidential Election in the United States will be upon us. And, the winner is likely to be the candidate that did fund raising of more than $1 billionRonald Reagan did fund raising of more than $720 million in his presidential bid. George Bush Sr. did fund raising to the tune of more than $790 million. Bill Clinton (records indicate) raised more than $860 million in political donations, to become President of the United States. George Bush jr (because he is still in office his records are classified "TOP SECRET" and are not available to the general public) may well have raised more than $900 million in political donations in his bid to be elected President of the United States. So, the likelyhood that whom ever wins the 2012 Presidential Election in the United States will be the first candidate to have raised $1 billion from his/her fund raising actions.

     But, who in the USA could do fund raising of $1 billion? As a fund raising expert myself, I do know who can do that or (at least come close). Republican CHERRY COMMUNICATIONS could accomplish that goal with just a little extra effort. Republican Dan Morgan of Dan Morgan & Associates is one of the best fund raising consultants in the world. Republican DIRECT MAIL SYSTEMS, Inc. could, too. Democrat PAT ADAMS (PAT ADAMS & ASSOCIATES) has that type of specialized know-how. Democrat ADVANTAGE CONSULTANTS could undertake the task with little difficulty. Republican STEVE GORDON is no beginner in fund raising. Republican ZERBE POLITICAL CONSULTING (Brad & Janet Zerbe) are masters at fund raising. Republican ALLYN COMPANY could easy believe that they, too, could accomplish that goal. Democrats CREATIVE CAMPAIGN CONSULTANTS, ERICSON & COMPANY, FRAIOLI/JOST, and FUND RAISING MANAGEMENT GROUP, Inc., and GOLD COMMUNICATION COMPANY (DAVID GOLD) all have the expertise required to achieve a $1 billion fund raising goal. Republican LBF & ASSOCIATES, WILLIAMS & ASSOCIATES, DAN MORGAN (DAN MORGAN & ASSOCIATES), and DOLLY & ASSOCIATES (Republicans) all have the know-how and the fund raising experience to make raising $1 billion in political donation a real possiblity.  The question isn't who, but when! The winner of The Presidential Election of 2012 in the United States will likely be the candidate who does fund raising of more than $1 billion. 

    Swiss political parties, whether done in secrecy or without secrecy, are expected to play an active role in the politics of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. Swiss political party the CVP  has not been known to involve itself in U.S. elections, but, its policies and practices could change in 2008 as perceptions of the newly growing "global political arena" unfolds and continues to take shape. SVP has been known to involve itself in politics in the United States, but only plays a minor role. This could be the election when Swiss political parties play somewhat of a major roles in the U.S. elections. Most political parties are not global and will likely stay that way. 



    LPS and FDP, both swiss political parties, have grown at very rapid paces since the last swiss election. They're not expected to grow to the point of becoming competition with SVP, CVP, and PRD, but, in the swiss political arena they are becoming noticable, especially on a local level. KVP and FPS, also swiss political parties, have also grown, but, not as fast as the LPS and the FDP. Fund raising has been the secret to the successful growth.


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